Veryday has been around since 1969. Many of the user-friendly products we designed in the 70s are still in production and have gained us more than 190 interna­tional design awards. Since then we have evolved into a full service design agency offering strategic design solutions, research and branding.

Within interaction design we explore and define the best possible ways for people to interact with environments, interfaces and products. By making complex services intui­tive, efficient, easy to use, appealing and exciting through web, mobile, software and Microsoft Surface applications, we help our clients stage great customer experiences and evoke the right set of emotions.

Veryday’s and Connecta’s Sonicspree application integrates traditional games, real dice, the Spotify music service with over 10 million songs, hand movements and Microsoft Surface into a multitouch, multiuser, multi-musical experience on the Samsung SUR40 table.


“Veryday and Connecta have succeeded in creating a complete 360 experience that allows the analog world to meet the digital world. They have designed a social and musical multi-user experience that truly engages the user.”

-  Microsoft .NET awards 2009 jury


In collaboration with Connecta, Veryday has developed the music game application Sonicspree for Samsung SUR40 Microsoft Surface. The music is supplied by Spotify. Sonicspree was one of a few official apps exclusively selected by Microsoft to demonstrate the potential of the new Microsoft Surface technology at its launch at the renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 2011.

The Sonicspree app really leverages on the benefits of this pioneering hardware. It is a seamless integration of traditional games with real dice into new technology, incorporating multi-user and massive multi-touch. Adding the Spotify music service offers the possibility of high-level personalization of the game as well as a high quality, limitless music experience.

Gather your friends around Surface (or play alone) and roll the real dice to start playing. You win by being the fastest in matching the song being played with its album cover. Use your own playlist or let the game choose from over 10 million songs in the Spotify library. Sonicspree is a truly engaging and social experience; loud and fun. Both for music experts and rookies.

Sonicspree has generated a buzz in media and the user experience community. Fast Company magazine listed it as one of the top “killer applications ” for Microsoft Surface. It has won the Microsoft .NET awards in 2009.

Gather your friends around the Surface (or play alone) and roll the real dice to start playing.

Match the music being played to the album art cards rotating around the screen. The trick is that the cards have to be flipped over first to see the album art – think “memory” but on steroids!

Players move a card into the center to reveal the album art so it can be matched to the music. When the correct album art has been exposed, quickly drag it into your area to receive points. Speed is everything, as other players can take the card from you!